Frequently Asked Questions

Are video greeting cards rechargeable?

Yes. The videobook is rechargeable via a USB cable which is included.

Am I allowed to custom design my greeting cards? If yes, how do I submit my custom artwork or design?

Currently on select sound products, we allow CUSTOM PRINT. Please follow the instructions on the product page to customize your design.

Is there any extra charge for adding an extra element like music, video etc ?

Our online store is designed for you to upload your own music and/or video. If you would like custom print or sound products, please contact our support team for more information at [email protected]

Can I upload more than one video?

We have 2 different video products. Our 4.3” video with autoplay has the capacity for you to upload up to 5 different videos, up to 2GB combined. Our 4.3” LITE version has the capacity for you to upload multiple videos up to 128MB combined.

Can I upload more than one sound?

For our musical greeting card products, you can only upload/record 1 song/greeting. We do have a selection of push activated sound modules available where you can upload/record multiple songs/greetings.

How long does it take to ship a product?

Orders within the USA and Canada usually take 4-8 business days via regular mail. Shipping to international destinations approximately takes 4-6 weeks with economy shipping. We cannot guarantee that you will receive your order by a certain date, so please allow sufficient time for delivery when placing your order.

Do you offer a return or warrant over products?

If you are not completely satisfied with a product purchased, you may return it within 30 days of the delivery date for refund (to your original form of payment only) or replacement if qualified (eligibility conditions listed below). All shipping, handling, and insurance charges are additional and non-refundable. For all returns, shipping must be prepaid, insured and bearing a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number on the shipping label and/or container. Any shipping charges incurred when returning a product to BIGDAWGS PROMOTIONS INC are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us for an RMA number, which will be required to ensure proper crediting of your account. We cannot accept returns without an RMA number. Returned products must be undamaged (no scratches), clean, and in otherwise new condition with all original materials i.e. original packaging, manuals and accessories, and must be accompanied by the original invoice.
Please allow 4-8 weeks for processing

How much is the return shipping fee?

Any shipping charges incurred when returning a product to BIGDAWGS PROMOTIONS INC are the responsibility of the customer.

I need help. What should I do?

Please contact our support team at [email protected] if you are having difficulties with any of our products.

What if my product is damaged after receiving?

If you receive a damaged item, you must contact us within 7 days by email at [email protected] If you do not contact us within this time period, your damage claim may be denied by the carrier. Customer assumes all responsibility for the damaged item before it is picked up by the corresponding carrier agents.

Is there a faster delivery option?

The shipping options presented during the checkout process are the only shipping options available to your area.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship to most countries worldwide.  To see if we ship to your country and what shipping options we offer, you can enter in your shipping information in the “view cart” page, or during the checkout process.

Can I make my recording permanent?

In our greeting cards, no. If you purchased our sound modules, yes.
You can make your recording permanent by cutting the record wires ONE AT A TIME. Cutting both wires at once may accidentally erase your recording.

Can I change the speaker on the modules to a larger one?

For our marketplaces, we do not make or support modifications to the items we sell.  However, if you have or know someone with basic electronics knowledge and skill, you can easily change the speaker with another (larger) 16ohm one.

Alternatively, you can connect the device to a powered amplified speaker.  However, note that you will need to use a high-to-low converter circuit (you can search for them on eBay – https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=high-to-low&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC1.A0.H0.Xhigh-to-low+converter.TRS0&_nkw=high-to-low+converter&_sacat=0)

Can you disable the RECORD function on a greeting card or frame card so it doesn’t accidentally get erased?

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the record function once the module is embedded into the card. However, you can remove the record button sticker so that the recipient will not push that area. Without knowing exactly were to push, it is difficult to accidentally activate the record function. Also when the card is closed, the card enters an “OFF” state and neither the record or playback function will work. 

Alternatively, you can purchase the sound module only and place this into your own card. 
When you are satisfied with your recording, you can make it permanent by cutting the record wires ONE AT A TIME. Cutting both wires at once may accidentally erase your recording.

Can I change to an external power source?

It is possible to attach your own 4.5 – 5v DC power source if you have or know someone that has basic electronics knowledge and skill. However please note that we cannot support any modifications should something go wrong.

With the module positioned so that the speaker is facing furthest from you and the PCB is closest to you, the top of the left-most battery holder is +5vDC while the button of the right-most battery holder is ground (-).

My card will not record. What should I do?

With the card fully open, you can press the record button to activate the recording feature. 

Place your card open and flat on a table with the microphone (located on the back of the card) facing you. Do not move the card while recording, as this may cause distortions in your recording. 

Speak closely and as clearly as possible into the microphone.

Recording Instructions:

TO RECORD: Press and release REC BUTTON(S).  Module will beep once.  Record your message by speaking directly into the MIC.

TO STOP RECORDING: Press and release the REC BUTTON(S) again.  Module will beep twice.  Message is now recorded.

My sound module will not record or play and it appears to be defective. What should I do?

Please try the following and let us know the result: 

Make sure you remove the plastic tab from underneath the slider switch.

Make sure there is no obstruction between the slider switch metal contacts.  Clean off any debris if necessary.

While laying the module flat on a surface, press down on the slider switch (the metal piece) and gently rock it back and forth.  This will also help to remove any debris from between the metal contacts of the slider switch.

Wiggle each battery.  If that doesn’t work remove and reinstall the batteries.  It’s ok to pry off the hot glue if necessary.  Sometimes there’s debris under the batteries so removing and reinstalling will help to remove it.

If your module has a “chip” remove the chip and reinsert it.

If your module has a light sensor or push button that plugs into the module, please make sure it is plugged in all the way.

An error message pops up as “USB device open failed/Cannot start – Code 10” when I try to connect the module to my computer. What does it mean? (For USB/DIY modules)

Are you using Windows 8 or 10?  As mentioned in the listing and sound loader download page, some users have difficulties with certain Windows 8 and 10 machines (some work, some don’t). Are you able to try using a different computer?  If possible try using a Windows 7, Vista, XP machine as it should work perfectly fine on these.

If not due to an incompatibility issue as mentioned above, the only other cause is a faulty USB connection. Please make sure that the USB adapter or cable is securely plugged into both the PC and module. You can also try using another USB port on your PC. If you have another mini USB cable or adapter you can try to see if that fixes the problem. These units use standard mini USB cables/adapters which is common to many mobile devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, photo frames, GPS systems, mobile phones, etc.

If you suspect the USB cable or adapter included with your order could be faulty, we can ship you another cable or adapter to try. Please let us know.

I get a “Write SPI flash error” or Sound loader freezes when writing (USB / DIY Modules). What is wrong and how can I fix it?

Your sampling Rate setting is set too high, or the sound file duration is too long.


Choose a lower sampling rate setting.

Cut the sound file shorter using sound editing software (eg.Audacity).

Many of our customers use “Audacity” which is free and can be downloaded at


You can also find resources on YouTube showing how to edit sound files.



Is there a way to make the volume louder? (For USB/DIY sound modules only)

On our sound modules, there is no volume control on the module itself, or in the sound loader software.  The only way to increase the volume is to amplify the sound file itself.

If your sound is too soft, you can use sound editing software to adjust your sound file. Many of our customers use “Audacity” which is free and can be downloaded at https://audacity.sourceforge.net

You can also find resources on YouTube showing how to edit sound files. 



After programming, module BEEPS when activated (USB / DIY Modules and tags, excluding soundBOX)

How to fix a USB/DIY module that BEEPS when activated.

Did the sound loader software say “write success” (at the bottom of the window)?  If not, please try programming again and ensure that the software says “write success” when finished.

Does the sound loader software say “Version:” at the bottom right of the download window? If not, then if you click on the red icon on the top-left of the sound loader window, then click “About LX Sound Loader…”, does it say “…Version 1.0”? For this module, you will need to be using Version  Please download and install the correct version of the sound loader software.  The download page can be found here https://bigdawgsgreetings.com/soundloader-download/)

What file formats are supported?

The following file formats are supported: Supported File Formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV.

What length of video can I install on the standard memory card?

You can upload up to 128MB on our LITE videocards and up to 2GB on our Standard videocards.

How do I upload my video?

Instructions can be found at https://videoload.bigdawgspromo.com

Do we send you the video files? Or do we upload the video ourselves?

Our videocards are designed for you to upload your own videos.

Video unit does not play, says “No picture” or “No file”

Please check to see if you followed the proper file naming specifications described in the instructions?  Instructions can be viewed at https://videoload.bigdawgspromo.com

For example, the first file must be named “1.avi” (or “1.mp4” or “1.wmv” or “1.mov”).  This is the initial video that starts when the card is open.  It is also the video associated with button # 1.

The second video must be named “2.avi” (or “2.mp4” or “2.wmv” or “2.mov”) and is associated with button # 2.

The third video must be named “3.avi” and so

Note that all files must also be placed in a folder called “video” on the microSD card.

Also please note the following.  If your file is outside of the following specs, then it will not play.


RESOLUTION: 480×272 (native), 320×240 to 1280×720 (supported)

If you are still having problems and your file is within the specs, please test using our test file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5TwEExczrYIejJJZEkwNU0wNms/view?usp=sharing 

Again the “1.avi” file must be in a folder called “video”. For example if the microSD card is drive E, it would be “E:\video\1.avi”

If the above does not work, please send us your video file, so we can take a look.  You can send the video file to https://sendfile.bigdawgspromo.com

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