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Missing You

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Missing You

Missing someone is about the needs, wants and emotions inside of us that are left unattended in the absence of the person that we no longer have access to on a physical basis. Let your family members and friends know that you are thinking of them even if they are thousand of miles away from you with our musical missing you cards. Make it more special by adding your beautiful photo together in our musical frame cards collection.

If you can’t find the right message or the perfect missing you wish, bigDAWGS also has blank musical greeting cards where you can write and record your own message with your own voice or you can have a customized sound or music of your choice. You can also create your own design to make it more personal. Our video greeting cards are perfect for them to experience the joy of the occasions or holiday celebrations that they missed.

Looking for a more unique gift idea? bigDAWGS greetings has a wide variety of musical greeting cards, gift tags and musical magnets perfect for everyone in any occasion. Whether it is for your parents’ anniversary, your sister’s wedding, a best friend’s new job or for your niece’s graduation, we got it all for you. We also have a number of cards for your favorite holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving to name a few. Don’t forget to also browse our How-Tos & Ideas when you take a tour of our site.

Here at bigDAWGS greetings, we never let you leave a single word untold.

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