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Hanukkah, which means “dedication” in Hebrew is also referred to as the Festival of Lights. An eight-day celebration that occurs anytime from late November to late December. In 2020, Hanukkah starts at sundown December 10 and ends in the evening of December 18 and in 2021, the Festival of Lights begins in the evening of November 28 and ends at sundown December 6.

Get into the holiday spirit with our wide selection of Musical Hanukkah Cards perfect for every member of your family and friends. Hanukkah is not really about presents — except everybody really likes presents. Dress up your gifts with our Musical Hanukkah Gift Tags. Celebrate with your loved ones near and far and make them relive those unforgettable moments you had together with our Hanukkah Video Greeting Cards. bigDAWGS greetings also has Musical Magnets perfect for gifts and giveaways.

Having a hard time looking for the right message or the perfect wish this holiday season? bigDAWGS proudly offers unique blank musical greeting cards, blank video greeting cards and blank musical gift tags perfect for those who love writing and drawing, not to mention those who love the Do-It-Yourself arts and crafts projects and handmade gifts.

Name the occasion or the celebration, bigDAWGS is proud to be your gift-giving partner in showing you care. Don’t forget to check out our various selection of Video Greeting Cards, Musical Gift Tags and Musical Greeting Cards that may be suitable for your needs. Be sure to also browse our How-Tos & Ideas on unique ways to make your handmade and personalized gift.

May your Hanukkah be as bright as the candle you light. May love and happiness fill your home and heart. bigDAWGS greetings wishes you and your family a very happy Hanukkah!

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